Hours and Operations

Welcome to LES Library

We are here for LES students and families! Please feel free to stop in or call during these hours or email anytime. We will return your call or email as soon as possible.  

Mon. – Fri.


School Phone (405)265-1342 

Librarian’s Email: lori.gossen@yukonps.com 

*The library is closed during school holidays. However, the librarian is still available by email. 

Checking Out

How many books may students check out? 

Students may check out 1 or 2 physical books and 1 digital book. 

LES students may check out books when they need them. Their teachers have the option to come as classes or send students as needed to select books. However, the students should let their teacher know when they need books. 

*On school holidays and research projects if they need extra books, they can have them.  

*Also, students may have more books if a parent sends a note to school giving their child permission to check out more books. 

Loan periods

How long is a loan period? 

Students may keep their books up to 2 weeks. They should recheck them if they need to keep them longer. 

*We do not charge fines for overdue materials. However, we want children to return their books as soon as possible so many students have the opportunity to love the stories, too.  

*We do ask parents to pay for damaged or lost books. If a book is overdue, parents will receive an email alerting them that their child has a book that needs to be returned. This is not a bill, but a reminder to return or recheck the book. Thank you for helping us teach LES students the importance of responsibility. 

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