LES students are encouraged to read or hear 3 or more books from the Sequoyah Children’s Choice Book Award Book List and share about these books with either their classroom teachers or librarians.  Afterwards, they vote on their favorite book and visit the library for a reveal party where they learn which book won for LES, IES and the state of Oklahoma! The deadline for reading, sharing and voting is Mar. 6, 2020. 

But wait, there’s more! If any LES student reads or hears 7 or more of the 2020 Sequoyah nominees, he or she is automatically invited to participate in a joint LES/IES Sequoyah Relay. This afternoon will include a picnic and, weather willing, water games, like water balloon volleyball, a water cup relay and more! However, all reading and sharing must be finished by Mar. 6, 2020. 

Student teams from LES and IES will read from a list of 30 books in preparation for a competition to be held in March. The school site competition will be held either on March 2, and/or Mar. 4.  Wed. The parents of the team members are invited to the competition. 

The winning 4th and 5th grade teams from LES will compete against the winning teams from IES at the YPS Administration building on Wed., March 12, 2020. 

All teams that make it to the competition will be invited to an ice cream sundae party. The two winning LES teams, one from the 4th grade and one from the 5th grade, will go to Golden Corral for lunch. 

Reading + Bingo = Ringo

What do great stories, bingo and tacos have in common? Any LES student that wants to challenge themselves! It’s a 30 book challenge and boy, does it pay to read at LES! 

**To show they’ve read each book, students need to complete a Ringo sheet per 10 books, provide feedback through the Book Taco app or share a book summary with their teacher or librarian, and ask them to sign-off on their Ringo sheet.**

(Sequoyah book nominees and Battle of the Books count towards the 30 books!) 

Get a certificate, coupon for a free snack, a book charm, and shout-out at Lakeview Liftoff.

Read and share about 10 books!

Come to the Fiesta de Galletas (Cookie Party). LES students get to have their cookie and frost it too! Watch out! There might be sprinkles, music and a winter story.  

Deadline: Dec. 6, 2019.

Read and share about 20 Books!

Come to the Fiesta de Caminando Tacos (Walking Tacos Party). Students make their own regular tacos and eat a dessert taco! There may be free books, posters and piñata!

Deadline: Mar.24, 2020

Read and share about 30 books!

Writing stories and designing games go together like PB-n-J! Soon 12 lucky students from each pod will get to discover the joy of developing games based on their own stories. Stay tuned for further updates! 

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